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Personal Branding Photography with Finesse Photography Brisbane

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Why Personal Branding is 100% Necessary

In today’s digital age, personal branding photography has become more important than ever. People want to connect with your brand rather than see stiff corporate style imagery, and your online presence is often the first impression you make on clients and customers too.

Before this year, I hadn’t invested in personal branding photography because I was carving out my creative web service path and settling on my niche. Now that my niche was settled at the end of last year – serving Mums and women in business providing creative services across social media and websites – I was ready to explore and invest in professional photography.

Brown woman stands at laptop setup, wearing glasses, orange earrings and pink dress. Kira Hansen provides social media and website services for women in business at Brisbane Creative Web Studio
My DIY personal branding photography with a bit of help from Canva to remove my messy work background.

The Issue with DIY Personal Branding Photography

I attempted to DIY my own branding photography for this very website before exploring personal branding photographers, but I faced way too many challenges because…I’m obviously not a professional photographer!

Creating UGC with my personal style across photos and reels for modern sewing pattern companies and small businesses isn’t the same as having the professional setup for what I wanted – and needed – with my website’s branding.

Trying to achieve clean landscape shots for hero sections, proper lighting for clear details, and maintaining consistency across these photos was impossible for me (especially while completing my actual work). My goal was not to become a photographer myself, but to enhance my online presence effectively.

Outsourcing was 100% necessary, and finding the right professional who could capture and tell my story with who I want to work with, and my vision for my branding was my next challenge.

Brown woman in fabric shop with bolts of fabric behind her, wearing black top and beige cardigan, smiling. Kira Hansen provides social media and website services for women in business at Brisbane Creative Web Studio
Using photos taken on my phone by myself are perfect for social media and stories, but they aren’t consistent for my small business website to showcase my work and services.

Business Photography VS Personal Branding Photography

So what’s the difference between business photography and personal branding photography?

Personal branding photography is not just about taking clear corporate feeling photos; it’s about capturing your business’ essence that is intertwined with your values and personality, and representing your ‘why’ in your branding. As a sole trader running my service-based business, it was important for me to build my personal branding as I’m not working towards becoming an agency or separate company entity to myself.

Connecting with Kristy at Finesse Photography

In February this year, I came across Kristy’s work on Instagram while exploring personal branding photography services. I was WOWed! The authentic approach she showcased across her socials and website stood out. Kristy’s style reflected brands, their personalities, and their focus colours without appearing corporate or stock-like across a diverse range of service businesses. She also had up-to-date displays of her work on her site, with client testimonials and very easy booking process for a Discovery Call too.

This absolutely resonated with my preference for thorough research, linked and updated social media and websites, and transparent information and processes. Win-win! She also responded to my Instagram stories and messages before I had booked anything in, which was another easy way for me to get a feel for her communication style and vibe. I booked in ASAP for a Zoom Discovery Call.

Bright colours, handmade clothing, cozy cafe style = check!

Seamless Booking Process and Planning for Personal Branding Photography

During our Discovery Call over Zoom, Kristy walked me through various options for the photo shoot, covering local studios, and locations across Brisbane both indoors and outdoors that I hadn’t even heard of, and was excited to explore these options thoroughly through their sites and socials. She provided excellent suggestions for ideal shooting locations and ensured she understood my brand’s essence by having me complete her branding questionnaire too.

To prepare adequately, I curated Pinterest boards for my outfits and for poses and shoot ideas too (feel free to use these as inspo or copy them over for your own pins) and shared this through the questionnaire – pictures are worth 1000 words, and I know I can be wordy!

Kristy was quick to process my questionnaire and put together her run sheet and final outfit suggestions with me. The process for e-signing the contract, paying the deposit, and location booking and payment arrangements with Kristy was easy and seamless. Kristy also connected me with Mel from The Coastal Cottage, and I was so glad to booked this content home as the day of the shoot was not the greatest weather to begin with!

Photo Shoot Day Experience at The Coastal Cottage

On the day of my personal branding photography shoot, I arrived early at The Coastal Cottage since I was travelling from North Brisbane towards the City. Thank goodness I booked this location for its excellent indoor settings and lighting, as it was overcast when we arrived, but the weather was no match for Kristy’s professional equipment, and this location home’s massive windows and bright airy rooms.

With meticulous prepping the days before with preparing checklists for my outfits, props and of course personal grooming – having my nails done and hair sorted meant Kristy wouldn’t be dealing with editing out chipped nail polish! – I felt ready for the shoot on the morning and triple checking my lists. I highly recommend a large wheeling travel bag rather than the multiple tote bags I carried into The Coastal Cottage as we were working downstairs, and it took me a few trips to carry my props, clothes and things.

We got to shooting, and Kristy’s guidance in posing me and her ability to create a comfortable environment allowed me to relax and trust her expertise. Within the first 5 minutes, she showed me the first few raw images and I was elated already! Nothing like seeing to believe the rest of the shoot would go smoothly. The rest of the 2 hour session encompassed indoor and outdoor shots in portrait and landscape orientations, along with B-Roll video footage that we could use for reels and further content creation.

Kristy from Finesse Photography Brisbane wears a white top and black pants, and photographs book, pen, cupy, glasses and stationery on outdoor table.
Kristy working her magic photographing flatlays

Receiving the Photo Gallery for Personal Branding Photography

Around 1-2 weeks after my personal branding photography shoot, Kristy shared sneak peeks for feedback, showcasing her distinctive style, attention to detail, and respect for my preferences. Again, I was blown away with the detail of not only my skin texture, but also maintaining my pigmentation.

I have had previous glamorous photography in my 20s that washed out my skin tone and blurred my details so much, and was so thankful for Kristy’s ability to integrate my wishes for reducing any touch-ups to my pigmentation and skin texture with her authentic and vibrant style. There was no compromise on quality.

Navigating through my online gallery, I could select my final sets of photos to be delivered, and enabled me to choose the best options for my website, social media and other content needs (as well as ones that I personally loved and wanted for profile updates). Kristy’s flexibility in delivering photos tailored to my specific needs was invaluable in enhancing my personal branding journey.

The Results – Two Months Later

As soon as I received my final personal branding photography images from Kristy, I began updating my social media profiles and highlights. I immediately received comments and messages that gushed over my online ‘glow-up’ from my current audience and small business mates, as well as make new connections with prospects who became new and current clients now!

With increased online and branding confidence, I could also happily increase my rates for service work and packages as my new photography has strengethened my ability to connect with my ideal clients quickly, as well as match my upskilled projects and increased value in working with me. We’re our own bosses, so we need to look after ourselves too and keep up with industry rates.

Being able to confidently introduce and network my updated business services now that I have professional photography that covers not only my personal branding, but also my own unique set of ‘stock photos’ without the corporate, agency feel is so easy. So this also saves me time and energy for my content planning, strategy and creation too. I can plan and edit new reels myself, and access my own ‘stock’ photography and videos whenever I need.

In conclusion, personal branding photography is a powerful tool for building credibility, establishing trust, and connecting with your target audience – as well as saving yourself time, and essentially money in not wasting your own time being a photographer when you can run your own income-generating activities!

Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or a corporate professional with building their own business, that needs professional photography with personality; investing in personal branding photography can significantly impact your online presence for the better.

I’m thankful for connecting with Kristy, and you can find her at her website: Finnese Photography Brisbane, as well as her socials for Instagram and Facebook page.

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