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    What do Creative Service Providers & Small Businesses need for their Websites?


    Every small business is different in their website needs.

    Some businesses require online shopping for products (ecommerce).

    Some need portfolio pages to showcase their range of artworks, galleries and commissions.

    Some need booking and commission requests enabled for services.

    And you may not have dived in to what you really need altogether for your site.


    Kira Hansen wears white collared artistic dress while working on laptop with small business stickers on the back. She is a Brisbane WordPress Web Designer and Social Media Manager for Mums in Business

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    Kira Hansen wears blue headphones, orange earrings, pink dress and standing at a sit-stand laptop desk. She's a web designer, copywriter and social media support service for creative women in small business.

    brisbane web design for creatives

    Save your time and energy for creating your products, customer service and more income-generating business activities.

    You’ll not only a have a Web Designer, but also:

    *Rates below are subject to change, and have variations on tailoring to your business needs. Listed in AUD.

    Start Me Up Web Design Package

    Website Platform: Squarespace

    *Does not include Shopify nor WordPress CMS, price dependent on project scope

    Perfect for service-based businesses, or add ecommerce options for product-based shops, this package includes some copywriting direction and some editing of visual assets and content for your pages:

    • Home page
    • About Me/Our Story page
    • 1x general product/service page
    • FAQs page (up to 10)
    • Contact us page
    • core SEO
    • social media links

    Add on service options from:

    • full copywriting services ($100+)
    • ecommerce product listings ($100+)
    • email marketing connections ($50+)
    • content & photo editing ($85+)
    • social media launch posts ($85+)
    • social media account optimisations ($85+)

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    home page for Loved Bridal Studio, showing elegant and designer pre-loved dresses and products
    laptop and mobile screen display of Loved Bridal Studio's mobile responsive website, with a light and airy cafe background. URL for their website is at the bottom

    Shopify & WordPress Packages

    The serious website packages for growth, scalability and customisation.

    Shopify is the Queen of Ecommerce for handmade & product-based businesses (including digital products).

    WordPress is the highly customisable and owned in your own right website for service, product and combination businesses.

    This package includes some copywriting and content creation for your pages:

    • Home page – includes copy
    • About Me/Our Story page –Β includes copyediting
    • up to 5x product listings OR 5x service listings – includes copy
    • FAQs page (up to 10) – includes copy
    • Contact us page
    • core SEO
    • social media links
    • social media shop connections

    Add on service options from:

    • full copywriting services ($100+)
    • further ecommerce product listings ($100+)
    • email marketing connections ($50+)
    • content & photo editing ($85+)
    • social media launch posts ($85+)
    • social media account optimisations ($85+)


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    Kira Hansen wears a handmade top and sits outside at tabel with laptop, sewing equipment and fabric colourful samples. She's a WordPress web designer for women in business

    Which Web Builder is the best for creative small businesses?

    The best web builder for handmade and creative businesses is the one that suits your needs as well as usability, and my packages take into account professional scalability of creative businesses.

    Read more at my blog post:

    How Do I Start My Small Business’ Website?


    My personal (and very general) recommendations for web builders regarding long-term usability for clients, business growth and connections to analytics and further integrations are:


    Shopify – POS, high level of physical products, growth & scaling


    WordPress – the most customisable site: physical/digital products, and services, growth & scaling

    These web builders are perfect for start-ups for the first year or two, or micro businesses that are not looking to scale and grow further:


    Squarespace – digital products, and services


    Wix – small level of physical/digital products, and services


    Square – POS, custom order/handmade products, and services

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    Let’s professionalise your online presence without losing your branding and authentic voice.

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