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Do you lose everything all the time?

Because I do, and it makes you hyper-vigilant about everything, from triple-checking you’ve packed your bags correctly, to being late everywhere because you drove back to check you didn’t leave the front door unlocked or garage left open.

When it comes to losing my phone (and you haven’t lost your laptop as well with it) setting up Google Find My Device is going to absolutely reduce your stress and anxiety when it comes to being able to locate it, or at the very least, wipe the data on your device if you can’t get to its location.

I’m a huge fan of not-Apple products, so this tip is for us Android phone users and you can set this up from your laptop using your Google account:

🔸set the lock screen message
🔸 lock your phone
🔸 ping its location
🔸 set loud sounds for 5 minutes
🔸 wipe your phone 👋🏼

I’ve had this setup for years since losing my phone back in my 20s and being able to find it back then using the location ping (thank gosh).

This time this year, I left my phone in a local op shop, and it was very lucky that a lovely staff member found it. They followed my instructions on the lockscreen that I had set, and called my partner to let them know!

I was very grateful to have my faith in humanity renewed, so I hope this tip helps you set this up for yourself to prepare for the unexpected (as much as we can).

Watch my Instagram video about Google Find My Device below and pop a comment on it if you found this blog post handy:

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